Our Food

Allergen Statement

We understand the importance of allergen management in providing safe and enjoyable meals for all our customers. Our commitment to allergen awareness is a top priority, given the nature of our operations in our Shops.

While we take pride in our food preparation and handling processes, we operate in an environment with a variety of ingredients. Due to this, there is an inherent risk of cross-contamination, and we cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are completely allergen-free.

We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers to ensure we receive comprehensive information regarding the contents of the products we purchase. This helps us stay informed and vigilant about potential allergens.

Please note: Our locations employ the use of Allergen & Recipe Cards to ensure the accuracy of our allergen information and recipe details to mitigate any changes in supplier product specifications during reporting periods.

Detailed information about the 14 major allergens, as legally specified, is readily available both in our stores and on our website for your reference. For any specific allergen concerns, especially those beyond the listed 14, we encourage you to speak directly with a manager during your visit or contact us at: hello@frasersfishandchips.co.uk 

Fraser's Penzance Allergen Chart

Fraser's Helston Allergen Chart

Gluten Free Statement

We are proud to be accredited by Coeliac UK, and to be able to offer Gluten Free meals 7 days a week. This means we can offer a safe and delicious gluten-free dining experience for our customers with Coeliac disease or Gluten Sensitivity. To cater for a wider audience, Our Gluten free options only contain Fish, Molluscs and Sulphites from the 14 declarable allergens.

We have a dedicated frying range exclusively for preparing gluten-free dishes. This ensures that our gluten-free fish and chips are cooked in a completely gluten-free environment, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination with gluten-containing ingredients.

Our team follows detailed procedures designed specifically for our gluten-free preparation and cooking processes. These procedures are in place to ensure consistency and safety in every gluten-free meal we serve.

Our teams undergo training in gluten-free handling and preparation. This training is vital to maintaining the integrity of our gluten-free offerings and ensuring the safety of our customers.

We encourage you to speak directly with a manager during your visit or contact us with any questions or concerns at: hello@frasersfishandchips.co.uk


Veggie and Vegan Statement

We are committed to offering Vegetarian and Vegan options where possible. It’s important to note that offered veggie and vegan options may not necessarily be ‘free-from’ due to manufacturer ingredients and the cross-contact possibility in the fryer, so please be sure to ask or speak to a member of staff if you have allergies or food sensitivities.

Where possible, we aim to offer meat alternatives like our meat free Veggie sausages or our Quorn nuggets. It is important to note however that due to the layout of our shops, this may mean that some vegetarian or vegan items may come into contact or proximity with non-vegetarian or vegan foods.

For the most up to date information, we advise you to speak directly with one of our team or contact us at: hello@frasersfishandchips.co.uk